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AA Insurance är en försäkringsmäklare som flera expats använder, en respekterad firma. 

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Vid föreningsmötet 27 oktober 2011 och mötet 29 mars 2012 togs de så viktiga försäkringsfrågorna upp. Klicka på resp. mötesdatum ovan för mer information.




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Bangkok Insurance Brokers Company erbjudande om sjukförsäkring

Detta är ett inlägg från Kjell Nyström, som var delaktig i “Ja till sjukförsäkring”. Han har tidigare lagt ut det på FB-sidan “Ja till sjukförsäkring”. Från Svenskföreningen i Hua Hin ingick Lars-Olof Fagerström.

Inlägg från Kjell Nyström:
Min svenska beskrivning finns att läsa: https://www.dropbox.com/…/Inexpensive%20health%20insurance%…

The first step of the group health insurance is now available.
Below is a copy of an email that is being sent to the first group of people that submitted their names to the website:

We are accepting applications for group membership.
The policy is going to be issued by Thai Health Insurance PCL.
Applications are accepted from individuals including the age of 70 years.
Be aware that this insurance cover stops when you reach the age of 71 years.
Before renewal of the policy next year, management will negotiate with additional insurance companies to cooperate in underwriting this group policy.
We plan to increase the age limit next year, to 75 years or more.


Health Insurance Coverage Maximum Payable per Disability/Time/Year Baht 400,000 800,000I N-PATIENT HOSPITAL COVER (IPD)

-Room and Board, Including Nursing Care (Max. per disability/time) 240,000 240,000 MAJOR MEDICAL COVER

Maximum payable per Disability/time/year
400,000 (Pays 90% of the eligible expenses in excess of the deductibles

Deductible which is covered under IPD benefits 0 
50,000 Room & Board, including Nursing care (Max. per day, starts on day 61)

Accident Death, Dismemberment, and Total Permanent Disability 100,000 100,000 EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE

Emergency Medical Evacuation (USD not Thai Baht) 
1,000,000 1,000,000

Annual premium per person (incl. Stamp duty + Tax) 15 days old to 50 years 17,582 24,405 
Annual premium per person (incl. Stamp duty + Tax) 51-60 years 21,218 29,504
Annual premium per person (incl. Stamp duty + Tax) 61-70 years 27,885 38,851
Details of cover on our website page: 

Details of how to apply for this insurance on our website page: http://www.insurance-in-thailand.com/…/how-to-apply-for-th…/

To speed up the process of your application:

Download and print the application form.

Complete the application as best you can.

Sign the application form.

Scan and email the application form and ID/passport to Bangkok Insurance Brokers.

If you are located in Bangkok or north of Bangkok, email to: northappsbangkok@insurance-in-thailand.com

If you are located south of Bangkok, email to: healthapps@insurance-in-thailand.com

Send by REGISTERED POST, the original application form and copies of ID/passport to Bangkok Insurance Brokers Company, P. O. Box 204, Phuket Post Office, PHUKET 83000

Premium payment follows after your application is accepted. Premium payment can be made by bank transfer to the Bangkok Insurance Brokers account at Krungsri Ayudhya bank. Details will be sent by email to applicants that have completed the underwriting process.


MD Bangkok Insurance Brokers Company

Telephone: +66 76 612 722 (4 lines)

Office Mobile: +66 89 729 7631

E-mail: inquiryphuket@insurance-in-thailand.com